SmartFree Quattro International SIM Card:
A Global SIM Card with a UK based International Number

This is the latest SIM from SmartFree which boasts an expanded country list for free incoming calls, a UK based number and many new countries served. The new card can be used in over 115 countries. It costs only 0.39 Euro per minute to call the USA and 80 other countries in Area A (from Zone 1). The SmartFree Quattro Global SIM card only needs to be reloaded once every 9 months to remain active.

The SmartFree Quattro International SIM Card Offers:

  • UK-based international telephone number
  • No long distance or roaming charges
  • No contracts or credit check
  • FREE incoming calls in Zone 1 and 2
  • Calls to Area A debit 0.39 Euro a minute from your prepaid balance** (from Zone 1)
  • U.S. toll free numbers available (click for details)
  • Convenient online reloading from InTouch Smartcards

Rates For The SmartFree Quattro International SIM Card:

  • Rates are in Euros
  • Access fee of 0.25 Euro per call
  • All outgoing SMS are 0.39 Euro and all incoming SMS are free
  • All countries in Zone 1 and 2 have FREE incoming calls
  • Calls debit from account balance at rates below
  • European VAT and currency conversion fees are included in purchase price

  • f means fixline only

  • m means mobile (wireless or cellular) only

  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice

  • All information is subject to errors and tariff changes

  • Billing increments are 60 seconds

Benefits of The SmartFree Quattro International Prepaid SIM:

  • Ready to use international cellular service

  • A personal UK number to give to friends and family as your international telephone number

  • No monthly bills or contract commitment

  • Easy to add units (reload): Online reloading or simply call or email us

  • Save money over a conventional cellular phone or hotel phones

  • Free incoming calls in most of Europe and the Middle East

  • Low rates calling back home

Activating Your Phone:

Your phone will have a pre-assigned United Kingdom mobile number and will be ready to use straight out of the package; we activiate the SIM card for you. Simply insert the SIM in your phone, turn it on and your SIM is ready to use.

Your phone number will start with country code 44 (United Kingdom) unless you order a U.S. number (click for details).  Callers from the USA would dial: 011 44 and the remainder of your number to reach you in over 115 countries around the world.

Making Calls With SmartFree Quattro International SIM:

To make a call with your SmartFree Quattro SIM, you will dial a Plus (+) symbol, the country code followed by the number and then press SEND or YES.

Instead of putting the phone to your ear immediately, wait about two seconds and then the phone will ring back, alerting you to answer the phone.  Press the SEND or YES key and you will hear your call go through.

In these few seconds, the SmartFree Quattro SIM calls you back and you control the calling rate per minute and save.

Note: When calling from the USA to your SmartFree Quattro international number, callers will have to dial 011 followed by your SmartFree Quattro number.

The SmartFree Quattro SIM card has been very popular because it is a UK based global roaming SIM card with free incoming calls in over 80 countries. Simply add airtime once every 9 months to keep your SmartFree Quattro 44 SIM Card active.

SmartFree Quattro SIM Card comes with about 30 outgoing minutes and all the incoming minutes you want in Zone 1 and 2.  The SmartFree Quattro  Preloaded SIM Card comes with approximately 2 hours of outgoing and all the incoming minutes you want in Zone 1 and 2.

Technical Issues and Changing Networks:

Your SmartFree Quattro SIM can be used on multiple carrier networks in most countries and on occasions, it may be necessary to switch networks for best results. To learn how to switch networks on your phone, consult your phone's manual or call us at: +1-703-222-7161 x 0.

Reloads are available from InTouch Smartcards.  Please call +1-703-620-0879 for reloads. We offer extended daily operating hours and weekends.  For technical support, customer service and coverage information, call
us at: +1-703-222-7161 x 0.