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Cell Phone For Your Trip Overseas?


Check below or review the decision flowchart on the home page


1- Will my cell phone work overseas ?
Most USA based cell phones will not work overseas.  If you are with Verizon, Sprint or Nextel then your cell phone will almost surely not work.  If you are with Cingular or T-Mobile then your cell phone may work but only if it has the 2 international GSM bands 1800/900 in addition to the GSM bands for North America 1900 (primary) and 850 (secondary).  Click Here for more about GSM bands.  

If you have the International GSM bands 1800/900 you still have to make sure that your cell phone is unlocked.  Most cell phones provided by the carriers are locked so you need to contact Cingular or T-Mobile and request that they unlock the cell phone for you.  If you do not have the right GSM bands or the carrier will not unlock your cell phone for you then consider one of our Unlocked GSM phones that will work both overseas and with your Cingular or T-mobile cellular service in the USA!

2- Should I rent a GSM phone or buy one of your world phones ?
Cell phone rental is most suited for those who do not travel often and are going on short trips (you can rent a cell phone from our sister company InTouch USA).  If you travel at least once every other year (or have a member of the family who does) or those going on trips over 10 days should consider purchasing a GSM world phone.  For suggestions check our flow chart.

3- Which GSM phone is best for me ?
All phones sold on our site are unlocked GSM phones.  If you are looking for a specific model please use our search feature.  We grouped select phones in categories for your convenience: Value GSM Phones starting at $99, Camera Phones, Flip Phones, Smart Phones, MP3 - Multimedia Phones and Quad-Band Phones (maximum worldwide coverage).  Check the GSM bands required for your area of travel or go for a Quad-band phone that has all available bands.

4- Which SIM do I need ?
Generally, SIM cards are divided into local SIM cards and Global or International SIM cards.  Most wireless (cellular or mobile) service worldwide such as in Europe, the Middle-East, the Far East and Latin America use prepaid SIM cards. The table below offers you a general comparison of the benefits and drawbacks of each type.  Generally, if you travel, or intend to travel, to different places on the same trip or different trips then an international prepaid SIM card is usually the best solution for you.

Prepaid GSM SIM Cards: Global (International) SIM Cards or Local SIM Cards?

Which one gets a + and which one gets a - ?

A: International Prepaid SIM cards B: Local Prepaid SIM Cards
+ For trips with multiple destinations:
Our international prepaid SIM cards work in over 140 countries with FREE incoming calls in MANY countries.  You won't have to change SIM cards or have a new phone number each time you arrive in a new place.  One SIM card, one telephone number!
- For trips with one destination:
Usually works in only one country offering you a local number.  Most do not work outside the country of origin and those that do will incur expensive roaming charges.  Free incoming calls (when available) are only in the country of origin.
+ Travel investment:
International prepaid SIM cards usually last 9-12 months from the last reload (recharge).  Reloads preserve your prepaid balance and extend the life of the card by the 9-12 month period.  Your SIM card and your prepaid balance can last indefinitely if reloaded on time.  We sell the reloads which can be applied to your SIM card account right here in the USA
- Trip Expense:
A local SIM card often has a short life before needing to be reloaded.  Reloads are only sold in the country of origin and can only be applied to the SIM card while in the country.  Usually, the SIM card expires and the prepaid balance is lost before you manage to travel to the same place again.
+ English Language:
Menus, voicemail and support are all in English.
- Local Language:
Menus and support is in the local language.
+ Activation & Support:
The SIM card arrives active, with a pre-assigned number.  We fully support it as we have a direct relationship with the SIM card carrier.
- Activation/Support:
Not all local SIM cards come active.  You may have to activate your local SIM card upon arrival and seek support locally.
+ International Number:
While less attractive for locals to call, global SIMs often provide cheaper rates calling your home country and international locations.  Inexpensive international calling rates from many countries.
+ Local Number:
A local country number makes is easy for people in that country to call you and may have cheaper rates for local calls.  Non local calls can be rather expensive.

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